1. Against sin, absolutely. 2. Of the weight of sin. 3. Of the blindness of sin. 4. Of the hardness of sin. 5. Of the chains of sin. 6. Of new devices in sin. 7. Of gluttony. 8. Of drunkenness. 9. Against gluttony and drunkenness, in common. 10. Against daintiness in meats. 11. Against those who provoke to excessive eating and drinking. 12. Of temperance, or sobriety. 13. That the flesh must be subdued to the spirit; or of temperance and carnal, desires. 14. Of fasting. 15. Against indiscreet fasting. 16. Of a good feast. 17. Of good enebriation. 18. Of lasciviousness and its effects. 19. Of either fornication or riotess living. 20. Of spiritual fornication. 21. Against adultery. 22. Against either rape or deflowering. 23. Against prostitution. 24. Against incest. 25. Against womanizers. 26. Against sodomy. 27. Of a bad kiss. 28. Of a good kiss. 29. Of bad women. 30. Of good women. 31. That wives be submissive to husbands. 32. Of chastity or continence. 33. Of the twofold continence of mind and body. 34. Of virgins and virginity. 35. Against excessive confidence in continence. 36. Of widows and widowhood. 37. Of joining together and marriage. 38. Against opponents of marriage. 39. Against covetousness. 40. Against fraudulent buying, selling or negotiation. 41. Against bad loans or usurers 42. Of good loans or good lenders. 43. Against seeking and retaining earthly abundance. 44. Against those that keep back the pay of their labourers. 45. Against theft and thieves. 46. Against sacrilege. 47. Against holding back tithes, first-fruits and offerings. 48. Against simoniacs or simony. 49. Against the four sins crying to God.