50. That robbers and usurers have to restitute or recompense damages. 51. That riches acquired by theft, fraud, calumny, and falsehood, will not endure. 52. Against the rich and mighty men of this world. 53. That it is difficult for a rich man to be saved. 54. That it is lawful to possess riches. 55. Against the hope of the wicked. 56. Against those who put their hope in the help of man. 57. That we must not trust in transitory things. 58. That we must always trust in the Lord. 59. Of spiritual riches. 60. Of the contempt of riches. 61. Of the commendation of poverty. 62. That the Church increases spiritually through poverty and adversity. 63. Of those who consciously trample upon the world. 64. Of the misery and labour of human life. 65. Against avarice and covetousness, and its effects.