Aialon 1- (Josh 10:12 etc.) town and valley: Yâlô, W. N.W. of Jerusalem, E. of Amwâs. 2- (Judg 12:12; Zabulon): Kh. Jalîm, E. of Acre. --- Aialon belonged to Dan. Jos. xix. 42. But it was near Benjamin, (M.) and was probably occupied by people chiefly of that tribe. H.

2 Chron 11:10 • Saraa also, and Aialon, and Hebron, which are in Juda and Benjamin, well fenced cities.

1 Chron 8:13 • And Baria, and Sama were heads of their kindreds that dwelt in Aialon: these drove away the inhabitants of Geth.

2 Chron 28:18 • The Philistines also spread themselves among the cities of the plains, and to the south of Juda: and they took Bethsames, and Aialon, and Gaderoth, and Socho, and Thamnan, and Gamzo, with their villages, and they dwelt in them.

Josh 21:24 • And Aialon and Gethremmon, with their suburbs, four cities.

Judg 1:35 • And he dwelt in the mountain Hares, that is, of potsherds, in Aialon and Salebim. And the hand of the house of Joseph was heavy upon him, and he became tributary to him.

Josh 19:42 • Selebin and Aialon and Jethela,