Beelsephon (Ex 14:2); Egyptian: Bali Sapûna. If a mountain, poss. Jebel 'Attâka, S.W. of Suez. --- Beelsephon, means "the lord of the watch-tower." Some think an idol was thus denominated, whose office it was to prevent people from quitting the country. How vain were his efforts against God's people!

Ex 14:2Speak to the children of Israel: Let them turn and encamp over against Phihahiroth which is between Magdal and the sea over against Beelsephon: you shall encamp before it upon the sea.

Num 33:7 • Departing from thence they came over against Phihahiroth, which looketh towards Beelsephon, and they camped before Magdalum.

Ex 14:9 • And when the Egyptians followed the steps of them who were gone before, they found them encamped at the sea side: all Pharao's horse and chariots, and the whole army were in Phihahiroth before Beelsephon.