Ain (Josh 19:7; Juda), also called En,-Rimmon: Kh. Umm er-Rummânîm, N. of Bersabee, on the road to Beit-Jibrîn.

Josh 19:7Ain and Remmon and Athor and Asan: four cities, and their villages.

Josh 21:16 • And Ain, and Jeta, and Bethsames, with their suburbs: nine cities out of the two tribes, as hath been said.

Lam 1:16Ain. Therefore do I weep, and my eyes run down with water: because the comforter, the relief of my soul, is far from me: my children are desolate because the enemy hath prevailed.

Lam 4:17Ain. While we were yet standing, our eyes failed, expecting help for us in vain, when we looked attentively towards a nation that was not able to save.

Lam 2:17Ain. The Lord hath done that which he purposed, he hath fulfilled his word, which he commanded in the days of old: he hath destroyed, and hath not spared, and he hath caused the enemy to rejoice over thee, and hath set up the horn of thy adversaries.

Lam 3:49Ain. My eye is afflicted, and hath not been quiet, because there was no rest:

Lam 3:50Ain. Till the Lord regarded and looked down from the heavens.

Lam 3:51Ain. My eye hath wasted my soul because of all the daughters of my city.