1 Ki 16:6 • So Baasa slept with his fathers, and was buried in Thersa: and Ela his son reigned in his stead.

1 Ki 16:8 • In the six and twentieth year of Asa king of Juda, Ela the son of Baasa reigned over Israel in Thersa two years.

1 Ki 16:9 • And his servant Zambri, who was captain of half the horsemen, rebelled against him: now Ela was drinking in Thersa, and drunk in the house of Arsa the governor of Thersa.

2 Ki 15:14 • And Manahem the son of Gadi went up from Thersa: and he came into Samaria, and struck Sellum the son of Jabes in Samaria, and slew him, and reigned in his stead.

1 Ki 16:15 • In the seven and twentieth year of Asa king of Juda, Zambri reigned seven days in Thersa: now the army was besieging Gebbethon a city of the Philistines.

2 Ki 15:16 • Then Manahem destroyed Thapsa and all that were in it and the borders thereof from Thersa, because they would not open to him: and he slew all the women thereof that were with child, and ripped them up.

1 Ki 16:17 • And Amri went up, and all Israel with him from Gebbethon, and they besieged Thersa.

1 Ki 14:17 • And the wife of Jeroboam arose, and departed, and came to Thersa: and when she was coming in to the threshold of the house, the child died;

1 Ki 15:21 • And when Baasa had heard this, he left off building Rama, and returned into Thersa.

1 Ki 16:23 • In the one and thirtieth year of Asa king of Juda, Amri reigned over Israel twelve years: in Thersa he reigned six years.

Josh 12:24 • The king of Thersa one: all the kings thirty and one.

1 Ki 15:33 • In the third year of Asa king of Juda, Baasa the son of Ahias reigned over all Israel, in Thersa, four and twenty years.