Asor 1- (Josh 11:1, etc.; Nephtali), also Hasor, Heser. Egyptian: Huzar: the site seems to have been in the neighbourhood of L. Hûleh, but its exact location is the object of great discussions. 2- (Josh 15:23; S. Juda). perhaps connected with Jebel Hâdhîreh, N.E. of Cades. 3- (Josh 15:25; S. Juda). 4- (Neh 11:33, Benjamin), poss. Kh. Hazzûr, N. of Jerusalem. --- Asor, the capital of Jabin. C. xi. 1. --- Asor, near lake Semechon. Jos. xi. 1. Gr. "Nasor," erroneously. C.

Josh 11:1 • And when Jabin king of Asor had heard these things, he sent to Jobab king of Madon, and to the king of Semeron, and to the king of Achsaph:

Judg 4:2 • And the Lord delivered them up into the hands of Jaban king of Chanaan, who reigned in Asor: and he had a general of his army named Sisara, and he dwelt in Haroseth of the Gentiles.

Ezra 4:2 • And they came to Zorobabel, and the chief of the fathers, and said to them: Let us build with you, for we seek your God as ye do: behold we have sacrificed to him, since the days of Asor Haddan king of Assyria, who brought us hither.

Josh 11:10 • And presently turning back he took Asor: and slew the king thereof with the sword. Now Asor of old was the head of all these kingdoms.

Josh 11:13 • Except the cities that were on hills and high places, the rest Israel burned: only Asor that was very strong he consumed with fire.

Judg 4:17 • But Sisara fleeing came to the tent of Jahel the wife of Haber the Cinite, for there was peace between Jabin the king of Asor, and the house of Haber the Cinite.

Josh 12:19 • The king of Madon one, the king of Asor one,

Josh 15:23 • And Cades and Asor and Jethnam,

Josh 15:25 • New Asor and Carioth, Hesron, which is Asor.

Jer 49:28 • Against Cedar and against the kingdoms of Asor, which Nabuchodonouor king of Babylon destroyed. Thus saith the Lord: Arise, and go ye up to Cedar, and waste the children of the east.

2 Ki 15:29 • In the days of Phacee king of Israel came Theglathphalasar king of Assyria, and took Aion, and Abel Domum Maacha and Janoe, and Cedes, and Asor, and Galaad, and Galilee, and all the land of Nephtali: and carried them captives into Assyria.

Neh 11:33Asor, Rama, Gethaim,

Jer 49:33 • And Asor shall be a habitation for dragons, desolate for ever: no man shall abide there, nor son of man inhabit it.

Josh 19:36 • And Edema and Arama, Asor,

1 Mac 11:67 • And Jonathan, and his army encamped by the water of Genesar, and before it was light they were ready in the plain of Asor.