Abela and Bathmaacha. Cities of the tribe of Nephtali. Ch. --- The former is called simply Abel (4 K. xv. 29. C.) as it is here by the Prot. version. H. --- It is also called Abyla, (Luke iii. 1,) and Hoba, (Gen. xiv. 15. C.) between Damascus and Paneas, (Euseb.) situated on the borders of Syria, as well as Beth Maaca, or "the canton of Maacha," or Machati. Jos. xii. 5.

2 Sam 20:14 • Now he had passed through all the tribes of Israel unto Abela and Bethmaacha: and all the chosen men were gathered together unto him.

2 Sam 20:15 • And they came, and besieged him in Abela, and in Bethmaacha, and they cast up works round the city, and the city was besieged: and all the people that were with Joab, laboured to throw down the walls.

2 Sam 20:18 • And she again said: A saying was used in the old proverb: They that inquire, let them inquire in Abela: and so they made an end.