Asan (Josh 15:42, etc.; Juda): poss. 'Aseileh between Bersabee and Hebron. --- Asan, perhaps Jethnan, or Ain. Jos. xv. 23. and xxi. 15. Syriac adds Ethra. C.

Josh 19:7 • Ain and Remmon and Athor and Asan: four cities, and their villages.

1 Sam 30:30 • And that were in Arama, and that were in the lake Asan, and that were in Athach,

1 Chron 4:32 • Their towns also were Etam, and Aen, Remmon, and Thochen, and Asan, five cities.

Josh 15:42 • Labana and Ether and Asan,

1 Chron 6:59Asan also, and Bethsames, with their suburbs.