Asemona (Num 34:4; Josh 15:14; S. Juda): poss. 'Ain Qaseimeh, W. of Cades. --- Asemona, which lies nearest to the river of Egypt of all the cities of Juda. Num. xxxiv. 4. C. xiii. 3.

Josh 15:4 • And from thence passing along into Asemona, and reaching the torrent of Egypt: and the bounds thereof shall be the great sea, this shall be the limit of the south coast.

Num 34:4Which limits shall go round on the south side by the ascent of the Scorpion and so into Senna, and reach toward the south as far as Cadesbarne, from whence the frontiers shall go out to the town called Adar, and shall reach as far as Asemona.

Num 34:5And the limits shall fetch a compass from Asemona to the torrent of Egypt, and shall end in the shore of the great sea.